Wednesday, May 4, 2016



Above is a panoramic view of the store with the new coffee & tea bar added. This would be the reason it's been a while since I've posted here. I've been working hard at getting the coffee & tea bar ready to open.

So we've opened with a small selection of coffees from a local roaster, Larry's Coffee. We have both coffee for brewing and espresso for beverages as well as bagged coffee for purchase to take home and brew your own. The retail bagged coffees are whole bean. But if you do not have a grinder at home we are able to grind it for your at no additional charge.

As for teas.....Oh my do we have teas for you. We have started with a selection of over 20 loose leaf teas (some single origin and others are blends and some are tisanes) from 3 different companies. We tasted and tested so many teas we thought we would just float away if we tried any more. LOL I had to narrow the list down quite a bit though. We originally had something like 35 or 40 teas on the list. What we've started with will grow as we grow.

I will be adding my own blend of herbal wellness teas within the month too. There are many companies that offer wellness teas already blended. However, I want to be able to blend my own making it much easier for me to customize them for individual tastes and needs. As many may know I've been using herbs in our household, and to help others, for over 20 years now. So wellness teas are something that I love to blend. And as I become more familiar with blending purely for flavor I will begin blending my own regular line of teas as well.

So stop on in at The Soap & Coffee Hut for a coffee or tea, and do a little shopping for Mother's Day & Teacher Appreciation Week while your beverage is being blended! Sit & Sip or Grab & Go!! Either way we'd love to have you stop in.

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