Thursday, June 23, 2016

Herbal Teas coming soon!!!!

Things have been moving right along for us at The Tea Hut. Since introducing teas to The Soap & Coffee Hut we've had opportunity talk with so many folks about what they are looking for in a tea. One of the most requested things has been a tea that supports and promotes a healthy state of life. So let me put this here first.......we do not diagnose, treat, cure or prescribe anything for any disease. We leave that up to the medical professionals. But what we DO provide, is a selection of herbal blends that are intended to not only be flavorful, but to also promote a healthy well-being by supporting natural and proper body function without actually treating a named disease.

With that now out of the way......we can tell you that in our Herbal Tea line we will have teas that support healthy function of body systems. We can also assist you in learning what herbs may need to be avoided due to certain medications you may be taking. This is not to offer medical advice, but rather to ensure that you are using herbal teas in a safe manner. Keep in mind, that while herbal teas may support healthy function of any body system, you also must be responsible with what you take into your body as well as your activity level.

Our herbs are scheduled to arrive Wednesday June 29th. And we will begin blending our Herbal Teas as soon as they are unpacked and added to inventory. A few of the blends we will have available are: Digestive, Circulatory, Mommy's Milk, Mommy To Be, Happiness, Sleep Well, Vivid Dreams, Tea For Her, Tea For Him, Cleanse, Athlete's Friend, Relax, Focus, Throat Soothe, and more to come. Our individual herbs are also available for those that like to create their own custom blends at home.

But our Herbal Tea selection doesn't stop there. We will also be offering a selection of Tubby Teas. These aren't intended to be sipped.....but rather enjoyed in the tub. Let's face it, a nice long hot bath, sipping on a perfectly brewed cup of tea is one of life's most relaxing moments.